The Secret Formula to Developing Great Software

It’s just one of those things: developing quality software is difficult but there is no alternative in the modern world driven by technology. It’s true that many software projects end with varying degree of disappointment, but this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are proven ways of achieving exceptional results with certainty and predictability. The recipe isn’t really secret, but it takes a lot of time to master the right combination of Science and Art to make it work.

The Science

To succeed you’ll need the right experience, skills and methodology. This is much easier with a great Team of experts like us, to guide you, or manage the process for you. Over the 20 years of experience we developed unique and reliable process. FASTER™ (the Framework for Articulate Software Engineering) is a combination of Agile/Scrum with formal Project Management to balance the needs of managerial control and predictability with flexible nature of lean software development.

…and Art

We’ve helped to conceive and bring to market a number of innovative software solutions that revolutionised our clients businesses. Those well-designed and visionary systems made, and continue to make, a defining and lasting positive impact on our clients and their customers. Working with us maximises the business benefits and ROI of any software development project, and brings the much needed certainty to this intrinsically complex and often difficult-to-manage process.


Hi There!

Every year companies in the UK lose over one billion pounds on failed software development projects. That’s because building great software is difficult. It takes the right process, experience and skills.

My name is Rafal Goralski and I’ve been building great software for over 20 years. Systems created by me are used on six continents by dozens of clients including BMW, British Petroleum, National Governments and NATO.

I founded Quasar Software Architects to help companies with every aspect of developing truly great software: predictably, reliably, with confidence and certainty.

Using our agile FASTER™ framework we will get you through the entire process – from inception to successful launch – safely, within budget and on time. The result will be software that works great, is scalable and will last.

If you plan to develop, or are already in the process of building new software, please get in touch. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes, get your project on track, and maximise the scale of your success.


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